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Fight Back Against Acne Duo + Acne Remover Kit

Fight Back Against Acne Duo + Acne Remover Kit
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Fight Back Against Acne Duo + Acne Remover Kit

24 hour acne reduction with skin protection



Eliminate Acne Quickly with our #1 Fight Back Against Acne Duo coming with  a complimentary 4-in-1 professional pimple extractor acne comedone/blackhead remover kit

Developed with plastic surgeons and dermatologists

Step to use
1. Clean your face with Vernell (TM) Pink Pearl Oil Free Cleanser
2. Apply a warm towel or warm pad about 2-3 minutes to open your pores.
3. Disinfect the tool kit.
4. Use the tool kit to remove blackhead/ comedones or pimples (press gently).
5. Apply Vernell (TM) Acne Drying Lotion to affected area (please see the box for additional information).


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