Vernell is a collection of exceptional multiple use natural skin care solutions inspired by NYC.
Speed up your beauty routine. Use TIME wisely.

Brighten your complexion with Vernell – POWER RENEWAL SKIN – HIGH POTENTIAL PHYTOCELL SERUM and revive Cream

Vernell – POWER RENEWAL SKIN– HIGH POTENTIAL PHYTOCELL SERUM (30 ml) rejuvenates the skin and improves the skin tone and texture. This revive Cream helps in minimizing the formation of the premature wrinkles, fine lines, and dark spots with anti-aging components and keeps your skin hydrated throughout the day. You don’t need to waste your time to select the product for their skin type as this amazing cream is designed for all skin type. You can use this cream for eyes, neck and face area.

It deeply hydrates your skin, brightens your complexion and stimulates cell renewal. Infused with high antioxidants and vitamins, it repairs the skin damages and also protects against the aging process. It helps in enhancing skin’s resistance and recovers it radiance and suppleness to skin.

What is it?

It can be used for all skin types and to regainsilky,soft, refreshing lustrous texture and protects longevity of skin stem cells. It has antioxidant content that brightens dull skin and improves elasticity and firmness with boosting collagen. By its daily use, your skin looks younger, smoother and healthier.

How to use this revive Cream?

After cleaning your face, by using your fingertips or cotton balls, spread this revive cream evenly all over your face and neck area. Used twice a day. To achieve the best possible result, you should use Power Renewal Skin with High-Potential Phytocell Serum (30 ml).

Precautions while using revive Cream:

  • Avoids direct contact with eyes.
  • Do not use more than one serum at a time.
  • Keep out of reach of children.

Why it’s different from other cream?

It is mixture of Anti aging quality and prep + prime for makeup quality. So there is no need to use all products or spend lots of money to buy all the products. So, cream with Vernell – POWER RENEWAL SKIN– HIGH POTENTIAL PHYTOCELL SERUM, we can call The skin Request Series. It makes this amazing serum different from other cream in market. With the extract of Hyaluronic and PhytoCell  Malusdomestica, it improves skin moisture and also protects the skin from various environmental stress and act as an anti-aging agent.

It has aloe vera and cucumber that keeps your skin hydrated, sooth the skin irritation, repaired your dead skin, swelling, dullness and remove free radicals that revives skin in wonderful manner. CamellisSinesis, the most powerful antioxidant that protects your skin from sunburn, pigmentation, dark spots, uneven skin tones, remove free radicals that revives skin in wonderful manner. AhnfetiaConcinna or Algaeextract full of various minerals to tighten your pores which can firms your skin and make them velvety soft. Whenever you choose skin care products, it is important to keep skin health in mind. Bad- quality skin product or revive Cream destroys skin and ages it. Smartly chosen makeup on other-hand, highlights the pure jewels of the face, protects, nourish and adorn skin.


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