Vernell is a collection of exceptional multiple use natural skin care solutions inspired by NYC.
Speed up your beauty routine. Use TIME wisely.

About us



Vernell New York Inc is a limited liability corporation that is located at Office 7416 Woodside Ave, Suite 3B Elmhurst New York 11373. Vernell New York Inc is a skin and beauty distributing and marketing company that works with a leading research center in New York to develop novel natural technologies with the cumulative effect of maintaining youthful and healthy skin through natural ingredients.


The company is under the leadership Ms. Kanjana Sarapee who is the CEO and the founder Read more



“Speed up your skincare routine. Use TIME wisely”

Vernell is the collections of exceptional multiple use natural skin care solutions which is inspired by NYC.

What does New Yorker lifestyle mean? 

Here in NYC we are in a race against time, this fast-paced lifestyle can come at a high cost.  Time is precious and cannot be wasted, it must be cherished.  I believe we all desire to look and feel great, my products can deliver exceptional quality at a reasonable price to help achieve these goals.  Looking great is not only essential for success and achieving our dreams, it is a mirror into our health and well-being.  Kajana Sarapee CEO – Founder

Our Mission

  1. Formulated for all skin type
  2. Outstanding formula combined multi – functions and discovered in one product
  3. High end product, High quality with reasonable price
  4. Customer satisfaction

Our Slogan

“Speed up your skincare routine. Use TIME wisely”

Why Vernell Skin Care Solutions 

What separates Vernell’s products from regular counterparts is that the solutions are rich in exceptional multi benefits, formulated for eyes/neck/face for all for skin types and are available at highly affordable price. All Vernell’s solutions are produced based on extensive research by a leading NYC research center, backed by 30+ years of experience.

“Vernell is all about rewarding you with smooth tight and glamorous texture so that you can feel more confident in your skin. We know our users are ambitious and are driven to make it big in life. We aspire to stand by you and make you more self-assured about your skin so that you can march ahead towards your goals with great confidence and positivity.”

Speaking further, Kanjana Sarapee mentioned about Vernell’s Freedom concept skincare campaign that stresses on best utilization of time with intelligent skincare solutions. Inspired by the fast-paced life of NYC, the campaign is defined by the slogan “Speed up your skincare routine, Use TIME wisely”.